Some of you may remember when, last summer, I posted some videos of my precious, sweet, mild-mannered babies meeting two equally sweet pups for the first time.

We were house-sitting, and the cats weren’t particularly happy about staying there, but nonetheless, they were curious.

In fact, I’ll just bring one of those videos out again. You can see how Mimi was brave, yet Walter retreated at the first — and distant — sight of Allie, who wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Over the last several months I’ve cared for these dogs many times, and of course, come home smelling like Allie and Lulu. The cats meticulously sniff me out, and then walk away.

So I figured it was okay, when my friend told me he was selling his house and, at the same time, would be doing a little bit of traveling, to let the dogs stay at my place while he was gone. I was a bit hesitant, so we thought a trial day would be a good idea.

Turned out we were right.

Lulu and Allie stepped through my door, and I expected the cats to retreat to their safe spot, downstairs, where the two bedrooms and full bath are. Plenty of room, with food and litter boxes and a big picture window that they already love. Not to mention the closet and under the bed, their favorite hiding places. I had the stairs blocked off so the dogs couldn’t get down there, but I suppose the cats didn’t fully know that to be fact.

Mama, Where Did You Say We're Moving

Who, me? My name is Mimi, not Meanie!

My passive, loving babies turned primal, with growls that came from deep within. When Mimi appeared about to leap at Allie (who had surrendered, sitting flat on the floor, with his back to the cats), I grabbed her — and paid the price. My right arm was full of punctures, and blood had splattered on my t-shirt.

We had our answer. The pups were headed to a kennel.

Fortunately, there’s a very good kennel nearby, out on a farm, that’s also reasonably priced. Allie and Lulu likely will be just as happy, if not happier, housed there for the two weeks Roger will be gone.

I learned my lesson — bring in friends, sure. The cable guy, okay. But keep the dogs away. This is kitty territory.



4 Comments on “We Draw The Line — No Dogs!! No! No!

  1. Trial days are good for many things! So sorry to hear about your arm getting scratched, though. Those kitties rule the roost. 🙂

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    • Yes, they do! I don’t think they were even aware of me at the time — they were acting on pure animal instinct. A reminder even our sweet babies are, at the core, animals.

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  2. Oh, Mimi–I know your mom just made up this entire story about you. You’re a little sweetheart, aren’t you? I learned my lesson–never get between cats….and anything!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha ha — I still have the scars to prove it! But you would never believe it of them now, in fact, as soon as the dogs left they went right back to being their sweet sweet selves.

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